Stories of people who crossed the sea, <KANGKANGEE Arts Village>
KANGKANGEE Arts Village Project is an urban regeneration project, which brings a new vitality to an underdeveloped area through arts and culture. Daepyeong-dong(Namhang-dong) of Yeongdo, where the first modern shipyard in Korea was built in the late 19th century, is the birthplace of the modern shipbuilding industry. Hence, it keeps diverse modern industrial heritages and living culture resources. The nickname of the area, KANGKANGEE Village, is derived from the sound of hammering to rip off the surface of a rusty ship. It is a place where you can feel the dynamic lives of the people living in the sea of the harbor city, Busan, and an energy of a unique industrial scene.
Based on the creative ideas of artists and art administrators, the KANGKANGEE Arts Village Project has been pushed ahead with a cooperation between Dae Pyeong-dong residents and public administrators. In detail, there are Yeongdo Ferry Restoration Project and Floating Art to revive the disconnected sea route between the mainland and Yeongdo, Public Art Project to create benches and street lights, murals and alley gardens, Village Museum Project to collect, publish and display the history and story of the village, Cultural Sarangbang and Lighters Wharf Salon, which is the participatory and interactive program, and the establishment of Living Culture Centre and the Village Workshop.
  • Location: Daepyeong-dong 1ga, 2ga, Yeongdo-gu, Busan (Right to the Yeongdo Bridge, Namhang area)
  • the Number of Households: 1,176/ Populations: 2,771 (*a super-aged society where the ratio of the elderly is above 25%)
  • Project Period: 2015~2017 (3 years)
  • Organizer: Busan City, Yeongdo-gu Office, Daepyeong-dong Village Community, Yeongdo Cultural Centre, and Creative Plan b
Core Task
Main Programme
Yeongdo Ferry Restoration Project
① Yeongdo Ferry Restoration
② Terminal
③ Floating Garden
Public Art Project
④ Creation of Symbolic Icon
⑤ Art Bench
⑥ Alley Garden Project(Ssamji Garden, Street Style)
⑦ Sound Project
⑧ Light Project
⑨ Kinetic Project
⑩ Painting City
Village Museum Project
⑪ Archiving Living Culture Research, Book Publication
⑫ KANGKANGEE Oversea Project
⑬ Village Museum Creation (Base Style, Street Style, Village Tour)
Cultural Sarangbang
(Community programs)
⑭ Cultural Sarangbang
⑮ Creation of Local Community (Living Culture Centre)
Public Art Festival
⑯ Visual Art
⑰ Performance
⑱ Branding Village BI/ Souvenir
⑲ Village Newspaper <Mansadaepyeong>